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Well established in musculoskeletal disorders dealing

Our Rheumatology department is well established in dealing with the musculoskeletal disorders that it usually entails. The complications in joints, bones, ligaments and muscles all are well diagnosed and treated here. Recent research linking immune deficiency and musculoskeletal systems etc are well considered to give the most appropriate treatment to all ailments.

We are fully equipped to deliver you a 360 degree service in Rheumatology. The musculoskeletal ultrasound birefringent polarizing microscope, C?Arm and Capillaroscopy, etc to ensure that you have the best chances of a full recovery from mild to extreme conditions of types of arthritis, sclerosis, spondylitis etc. Our therapists, doctors and other medical staff are well qualified to assist you precisely in every stage and make your recovery a pleasant and relaxing experience. We particularly specialize in providing solid care for the following ailments :

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Services offered:

Our Specialist

Dr. Manhal Al Shaher

Specialist Rheumatologist

Dr. Jayaram Panikkkassery

Specialist Anesthesiologist

Dr. Raji Sharma

Specialist Anesthesiologist

Dr. Shashank Kulkarni

Specialist Anesthesiologist

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