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Expert cardiac treatment & Genuine care

The Cardiology department at Amina Hospital provides expert cardiac treatment and genuine care for management of heart ailments in both adults and children, with a preventive approach. Our team of Cardiologists with high level of expertise in their field of specialization are backed by several years of experience and international training. The team includes Clinical Cardiologists, Interventional Cardiologists & Pediatric Cardiologists complemented by a team of Cardiac and Vascular Surgeons, Cardiac Anesthesiologists, Interventional Radiologists, Cardiac Intensivists and Rehabilitation Therapists.

At Amina Hospital Department of Cardiology a varied range of patient care activities are done including: basic physical examinations; preventive health; and the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease through non-invasive treatment modalities or sophisticated interventions. They often see patients in a consultative role, but most of their patient involvement is long-term and ongoing. Our Cardiologists are highly specialized practitioners in a dynamic field who place a premium on mastery and competence.

From diagnosis, treatment and on-going management combined with essential preventative education for our patients, you can be sure you are in safe hands with Amina Hospital. Always there to care…

Services offered:

Cardiac diagnostic procedures & imaging:

Our Specialist

Dr. Sarkis Baghdasarian

Specialist Cardiologist

Dr. Balaji Subbaraman

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

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Doctor Name

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