Amina Hospital


Equipped to take care of all your dental concerns

The Dental Department at Amina Hospital is equipped to take care of all your dental concerns, in addition specialised Orthodontic treatment from the specialist Orthodontists in Ajman in our team, we provide total healthcare in the diagnosis and treatment of irregularities in the teeth and jaws.

Comprehensive dental care like Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Endodontics and Paedodontics services are offered to both adults and children. Our team consists of best dentists in Ajman, Specialists, trained Nurses and Technicians to provide personalised, high quality dental care based on international treatment protocols.

The department offers a wide range of oral health care services from routine check-ups and cleanings to fitting braces and treating oral diseases. Our clinic possesses state-of-the art equipment and highest quality dental materials to help carry out various surgical and restorative techniques in diagnosis and treatment.

Services offered:

Our Specialist

Dr. Lubna Dawood

Specialist Orthodontics

Dr. Hadeel Al Zoabi

Specialist - Periodontics

Dr. Mohammed Adel Taslimi

GP Dentist

Dr. Shashank Kulkarni

Specialist Anesthesiologist

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