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Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

What is Cardiac Catheterization?

Cardiac catheterization also called a cardiac cath or heart cath is one of the latest technologies in the treatment of heart disease that can bypass the need for complicated surgery. In cardiac catheterization, a very delicate tube called a catheter is used to inject a die into the blood vessel that can be seen using special X-rays called angiograms. The doctors hence get a clear idea of your heart’s actual capacity of your blood vessels to support the functioning of your heart. It can easily identify blocks and other subtle disorders in the blood vessels leading up to the heart.

Why opt for Cardiac Catheterization?

Cardiac catheterization is the best way to assess your heart and hidden diseases. It helps cardiologists to see many of the building complications in advance and hence make necessary interventions to save precious treatment time. Some other compelling reason to make cardiac catheterization is that it helps in:

Hallmarks of Amina Hospital’s Cath Lab:

We provide the following Cath Lab related services:

Cardiac catheterization is an extensive and reliable method for our cardiologists to improve treatment approaches and bring down the risks associated with heart-related ailments. Cardiac catheterization serves as a substantial procedure in some critical cardiac disorders as well. The procedures described below are among the top:

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