Amina Hospital

Dr. Mohammed Adel Taslimi

GP Dentist





Languages spoken

English, Arabic


5 years

Area of interest

Dr. Mohammed Adel Taslimi is a skilled General Practitioner Dentist currently practicing at Family Medical Center. He completed his Bachelor’s degree at Ajman University and has accumulated over 3 years of experience as a Dentist in Dubai (DHA). Dr. Taslimi’s dedication to his profession is evident in the comprehensive dental care he has provided to over 1000 patients. He specializes in Aesthetic Dental Work, particularly with Veneers and Crowns, showcasing his high level of expertise in this field. Additionally, Dr. Taslimi is proficient in all aspects of dentistry, excelling in restorative dental treatments. His commitment to excellence in dental care makes him a valuable asset to our medical team.

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