Amina Hospital

Dr. Mohammad Nedal Zinah

Specialist Radiologist





Languages spoken

English, Arabic


8+ years

Areas of interest

MRI/Contrast Studies Including:

Neuro imaging (brain and spinal cord), MRI Neck, Spine, MSK imaging. Specialized MRI imaging such as: Fistulogram, Abdomen, Pelvis, MRCP, Pancreatic Imaging, MRI Colonography and Enterography, Prostate MRI, Sports Injury MRI, and Pediatrics Imaging.


CT/Contrast Studies:

CT including Abdomen (Colonography and Virtual colonoscopy) and Pelvis, Chest, Contrast studies, MSK & Extremities, Spine, and other specialized imaging such as CT Cerebral Angiograms (Neck, Aortic, lower limb), CT Temporal Bones (Petrous bone), CT Sinuses, CT Head and Neck, CT trauma.


Women’s Health Imaging:

Breast and Axillary Ultrasound, Obstetric (Pregnancy) 3D/4D Ultrasound, DEXA Scan (Osteoporosis detection).


Ultrasound/Doppler studies:

MSK, Abdominal and Pelvic scans including Hernia imaging and “lumps and bumps”, Vascular, Neck & Superficial ultrasound. Doppler imaging such scrotum and transrectal, TVUS, arterial, venous (upper and lower limb), portal vein, renal artery, Carotid system, Cavernosal (penile) scans. Ultrasound Guided Biopsies and Fine Needle Aspiration.


X-ray, Fluoroscopy and Barium studies.

Academic qualification

Dr. Mohammad Nedal Zinah, Specialist Radiologist in Amina Hospital, Ajman graduated in Diploma in General Medicine in 2006 from Medical School Damascus University. He pursued Master Degree in Radio Diagnosis and Medical Imaging from Damascus University in 2013.


Dr. Mohammad Zinah available in Amina Hospital, Ajman’s radiology department with more than 8 years of experience in radiology field in Syria, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates.

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