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Dr. Mohamed Attia Atwa Seida

Consultant Urologist





Languages spoken

Arabic, English


25 years

Previous experience

Dr. Mohamed Attia Atwa Seida is a Consultant Urologist in Amina Hospital, Ajman with more than 25years of clinical experience. Prior to joining Amina Hospital, Dr. Attia worked in various University hospitals in Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arab and United Arab Emirates


Dr. Attia is a member of the Egyptian medical Syndicate (Consultant A) and Saudi Council for health specialties. He has multiple research studies that have been published in local and international journals. He has also attended many conferences and workshops, locally and internationally pertaining to his area of expertise

Areas of interest

Dr. Mohamed Attia Seida’s clinical experience and service offered includes below:

  • Management of Urolithiasis (Endoscopically, ESWL and Conservative)
  • Urological Oncology
  • Urinary tract infections and Sexually transmitted disease
  • Infertility and erectile Dysfunction
  • Male health
  • Voiding Dysfunction and Urodynamic studies
  • Open and Endoscopic Urological surgeries
  • Urological emergencies
Academic qualification

Dr. Mohamed Attia is a Consultant Urologist in Amina Hospital took Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Urology, after his basic medical education. He took both from Master’s and Doctorate degrees Mansoura University in Egypt.

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