Amina Hospital

Dr. Micheal Morise Mahrous

Specialist Internal Medicine




Internal Medicine​

Languages spoken

Arabic, English


25 years

Previous experience
  • I have long high-quality experience in big reputed hospitals JCIA accredited more than 25 years, of which 17 years in GCC countries.
  • Consultant of internal medicine in Taiba hospital Kuwait JCIA (USA accreditation) from 2005 -2022
    (Famous Big +100 bed hospital including cardiac catherization, and all facilities).
  • Consultant of internal medicine in Nasr City hospital 1991- 2005 (big Tertiary hospital + 1000 bed hospital dealing with organ transplantation, oncology department, open heart surgeries, endoscopies and laparoscopy, and all specialization plus outpatient clinics)
Areas of interest

Dr. Micheal Morise Mahrous Internal Medicine Specialist in Amina Hospital with 25 plus years of experience has the below Area of Interest:


  • Diabetes and its complications
  • Thyroid disorders, vitamin deficiencies
  • Hypertension, hyperlipidemia
  • Respiratory disorders as asthma, chest infection and COPD
  • Gastrointestinal disorders (IBS, diarrhea, stomach disorders, bleeding, liver disease, etc.)
  • Infectious disorders and fever
  • Anemias and bleeding disorders
  • Life style associated diseases as obesity and adult vaccinations
  • Membership of European Society of cardiology (ESC) since 2017
  • Fellowship of Royal College of Physician Edinburgh (UK) since 2013
  • Fellowship, American Institute for Health Care Quality (FAIHO) (USA) since 2009  
  • Membership of Royal College of Physician (UK) since 2008
  • Membership of Kuwait medical association since 2005
  • Master Degree of Internal Medicine – Cairo University- Egypt since 1990.
  • Bachelor Degree of Medicine – Ain Shams University – Egypt

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