Amina Hospital

Dr. Megahed Mohamed Abd El Fattah

Senior Consultant, HOD anesthesia & pain medicine, Amina Hospital.





Languages spoken

English, Arabic


26 years

Previous experience

Dr. Megahed Mohamed Abd El Fattah done more than 50,000 anesthetics in his whole career. He has 25 years of experience in anesthesia, ICU and pain medicine as senior consultant in UAE. Served as president of society of anesthesia, ICU & pain medicine from 2003 till 2012 with 4 international conferences in anesthesia, ICU & pain medicine 2006, 2009, 2011, & 2012.


Dr. Megahed was Professor of anesthesia, ICU and pain medicine since 1996 at Ain Shams University Cairo, Egypt. He also worked as senior consultant, HOD anesthesia and ICU in Al Baraha Hospital Dubai from July 1998 till February 2012 in MOH. He was HOD of anesthesia and ICU in Saudi German Hospital Dubai from February 2012 till April 2018. Served as HOD of anesthesia Medeor Hospital Dubai for 1.5 years as senior consultant.

Areas of interest


Neonatal anesthesia, Bariatric anesthesia, Geriatric anesthesia, Gyne anesthesia, Laparoscopic surgery, high risk patient’s with associated comorbidities.



Sepsis management, new blood transfusion strategies, protective lung strategy. USG central venous catheter insertion & arterial line insertion & noninvasive ventilation.


Pain Medicine

Upper limbs block, Lower limbs block, Chest wall block, and Abdominal block.

Scientific activity

32 published researches at prestigious journals.

Academic qualification

Dr. Megahed Mohamed Abd El Fattah, Consultant Anesthesia & HOD in Amina Hospital pursued his MBBCH with a grade very good with honor in 1975. He had Master degree with grade excellent in 1980 and Medical doctorate in 1985.

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