Amina Hospital

Dr. Hafiz Mohamed Ahmed Ali

Specialist Family Medicine




Family Medicine

Languages spoken

Arabic, English, Russian


17 years

Previous experience

Dr. Hafiz Mohamed Ahmed Ali is working in Amina Hospital, Ajman as Specialist Family Medicine with almost 17 years of experience in healthcare sector. He had worked in various facilities in Sudan and United Arab Emirates. Doctor Hafiz started working in Amina Hospital as a family medicine specialist from November 2018.


He served as residency in internal medicine in Ibrahim Bin Hamad Obaidullah Hospital in Ras Al-Khaimah. Dr. Hafiz worked in Algualaa Health Center, Kartoum as a general practitioner till March 2014, also worked in a private clinic in Kartoum till June 2009.

Academic qualification

Dr. Hafiz Mohamed Ahmed Ali, Specialist Family Medicine in Amina Hospital’s Family Medicine department pursued his Masters from Sudan medical specification board, Sudan.


He got his internship from various facilities from Sudan, Including Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital, Omdurman Military Hospital and Khartoum Teaching Hospital.

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