Amina Hospital

Dr. Deepa Mathew

Specialist Dermatologist




Dermatology & Cosmetology

Languages spoken

English, Hindi, Malayalam


15 years

Previous experience

Dr. Deepa Mathew is a specialist dermatologist in Amina Hospital, Ajman has 15 years of experience in medical sector. Doctor Deepa is a specialist dermatologist who has more experience from various hospitals in India and United Arab Emirates.


Her experience in the UAE includes from Iranian Hospital, RAK Hospital and Doab Clinic.

Areas of interest

Dr. Deepa Mathew is a specialist dermatologist in Amina Hospital has wide experience in treatment modalities like:

  • Cryotherapy
  • PRP
  • Skin laser
  • Cutaneous surgeries

She regularly attends various hands on training to refine her skills and also attends national and international conferences to keep updated with recent advances.

Academic qualification

Dr. Deepa Mathew, Specialist Dermatologist in Amina Hospital, is a qualified clinical and cosmetic dermatologist. Doctor Deepa did her masters in Dermatology from Father Muller’s medical college, Manglore, India.


She also completed Diploma in Aesthetic medicine from American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

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