Amina Hospital

Dr. Ayman Abdelrazek Yakout Mohamed

Specialist ENT Surgeon





Languages spoken

English, Arabic


30 years

Previous experience

Dr. Ayman Abdelrazek Yakout Mohamed, Specialist ENT Surgeon, works in Amina Hospital’s ENT Department. Doctor Ayman Yakout, experienced otolaryngologist with over 30 years of experience in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery.


He had his experience in different countries including Egypt, Yemen, and United Arab Emirates. He worked in Saudi German Hospital in Ajman as a Specialist Otolaryngologist till October 2021, Also he served as Specialist Otolaryngologist in University Hospital, Sharjah till September 2019.

Areas of interest
  • All diseases of Ears, Nose & Throat for children & adults
  • Diseases and surgeries of ears
  • Ear infections, Ear wash, Hearing impairments and Ear itching
  • Vertigo, Diseases and surgeries of the Nose
  • Nasal blockage, Nasal allergy, Nasal bleeding & Smell disorders
  • Sinuse infections, Endoscopies, Diseases of throat & Swallowing diseases
  • Speech disorders, Tinnitus & Laryngeal diseases and surgeries
  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Vocal cord polyps and tumours
  • Stridor & Breathing difficulties
Academic qualification

Dr. Ayman Abdelrazek Yakout Mohamed, Specialist ENT Surgeon from Amina Hospital, Ajman’s ENT Department had completed his Doctorate in ENT from Al Azhar University Faculty of Medicine Cairo, Egypt in April 2003.


Doctor Ayman Yakout successfully pursued his Master Degree in ENT, MBBCH, Medicine and Surgery from Cairo University, Egypt Faculty of Medicine in November 1996. also he served in Mansoura University, Mansoura Egypt as Faculty of Medicine in November 1990.

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