Amina Hospital

Dr. Ali Moustafa Kurdi

Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon





Languages spoken

English, Arabic


15 years

Areas of interest

Dr. Ali Moustafa Kurdi is a highly skilled Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon with over 15 years of invaluable experience in the field. He currently serves as a cornerstone of the orthopedic team at Amina Hospital, where his expertise and dedication have earned him recognition among peers and patients alike.

Area of Interest:

  • Accidents and traumatic injuries (Wounds, fractures, joint dislocations, tendon injuries).
  • Artificial joint replacement operations (knee – hip – elbow – shoulder).
  • Arthroscopic knee surgery (sports injuries).
  • Pediatric Orthopedia (congenital hip dislocation – clubfoot – birth deformities).
  • Treating lower back pain (lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spine fractures, osteoporosis).
  • Conservative and surgical treatment of diabetic foot

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