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We provide you blood dialysis and comprehensive renal care to rebuild your normal life through inexpensive therapies and procedures.

The Dialysis clinic provides a full range of services to patients like diabetes dialysis, nipro dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, etc with even the extreme case like an end-stage renal disease. Our services include in-patient nephrology services and chronic dialysis services. The clinic is equipped with 4 modern HD machines. The machines are designed to maintain constant patient observation and assessment, and enable timely intervention to prevent complications.

The unit employs a multidisciplinary approach in which our team comprises Specialist Nephrologists, Registered Nurses experienced in haemodialysis and easy access to dieticians to ensure a seamless provision of personalized care for all our dialysis patients. Our unit has four-bed capacities and services are tailored just for you; our dialysis unit takes pride in the patient-centered care offered to the patients. We also provide other comprehensive services to treat other complications like renal failure, kidney failures, and emergency dialysis. Each dialysis station has a bed equipped with state-of-the-art technology and hosts a spacious, calm, and comfortable environment. The kidney dialysis unit provides the most convenient and effective chronic hemodialysis treatment possible in the region and at optimum dialysis cost.

Services We Provide

The services provided need a pre-consultation to diagnose and ascertain the types of haemodialysis needed. The written order from Nephrologist and consent for hemodialysis are of top priority before we even analyze kidney dialysis cost or the treatment itself.

Haemodialysis is entirely dependent on the patient’s medical historical analysis and diagnostic tests. The treatment plan is prepared with a particular focus on lifestyle changes, especially with regards to strict adherence to the dialysis schedule, medications, fluid as well as dietary restrictions.

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Services includes:

Dialysis Services provided includes emergency hemodialysis or scheduled hemodialysis sessions, 3 times a week. Each session is 4 hours long and for the following conditions:

Services includes:

The following services are also provided in our unit:

We value your opinion and concerns as we place health seekers at the top of our ladder. Our staff is always happy to help answer your questions.


How does hemodialysis work?

Haemodialysis is very effective for kidney failure treatment. It uses an artificial kidney to cleanse waste products, excess water, and salt from the blood of patients with this condition. The patient’s blood is passed through a tube called the dialyzer in the artificial kidney. The machine pumps back clean blood back into the patient.

Will I dialyze at the same time each session?

The units run on an allocated appointment system, with several time slots throughout the day. You will usually dialyze for about 4 hours, although this can vary for each person.


We will try to give you an appointment time that meets your needs. Although sometimes; if you would like a specific time, we will add you to our waiting list for that time.

What can I do during dialysis?

All our dialysis units have free WiFi for use with your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Please ask the staff for details.


There are no set visiting times for family and friends to visit you during dialysis, so please check with the staff on the unit.

Staff caring for you

All the staff caring for you will introduce themselves and will be wearing an identification badge. You will have a named nurse who is responsible for your care on the unit, but all the staff will be happy to answer your questions.


On the day of your schedule, please bring a list of your medications with you. This is when your doctor will review your medication, dialysis treatment, and general health.

Will I need to have blood tests?

We will ask your permission to take blood when you first arrive at the unit, and at the end of every month. This allows us to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment and general health. Your named nurse will discuss the results with you. If there is anything you don’t understand, please do not hesitate to ask.

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